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Bootcamp Schedule:

January 2 – 30 (No Bootcamp on the 1st for New Years Day) (INDOORS THIS MONTH)

February 1 – 28 (No Bootcamp on the 29th) (INDOORS THIS MONTH)

March 2 – 30 (No Bootcamp on the 31st)

April 1 – 29 (No Bootcamp on the 30th)

May 2 – 31 (No Bootcamp on 25th for Memorial Day)

June 1 – 28 (No Bootcamp 29th and 30th)

July 1 – 31 (No Bootcamp on 4th of July)

August 1 – 30 (No Bootcamp on the 31st)

September 1 – 30 (No Bootcamp on Sept 5th for Labor Day)

October 2 – 30 (No Bootcamp on 1st or 31st)

November 1 – 30 (No Bootcamp on 24th and 25th for Thanksgiving)

December 1 – 30  (No Bootcamp on 24th, 25th, 26th and on 31st no PM bootcamps)

We offer a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! For whatever reason, you don’t believe that Bootcamp Tulsa gave you what you were looking for, we will provide you with a full refund. After your first month of enrollment, a one month cancellation notice must be given prior to canceling, no exceptions. If there comes a time you need to cancel,
Please follow this link: Click here to cancel
Please call 918 528-4296 with any questions or contact us at info@bootcamptulsa.com

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